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Vineeth Abraham

Columnist, IAR

Vineeth Abraham calls himself a “complete, utter and unapologetic bibliophile”. He owns a large personal library and resides in Irinjalakuda, Kerala. In Shelf Life, Abraham writes about reading, books, and beyond.

Articles by Vineeth Abraham

PG Wodehouse: The Maestro of Mirth

The life and works of the master humorist, PG Wodehouse.

Books | Vineeth Abraham

The Perils of Being Overly Imaginative

A boy from a rationalist family is obsessed with horror fiction.

Books | Vineeth Abraham

Little Lulu, An Unrecognised Icon of Gender Equality

How Lulu reformed a seven-year-old ‘MCP'.

Books | Vineeth Abraham

Apes and Jungles: Meeting Tarzan, the Master of Adventure

Encounters with Tarzan, and the inimitable Edgar Rice Burroughs.

Books | Vineeth Abraham

ShelfLife: Charles M. Schulz, Man Who Made the Wonderful Peanuts

He gave us the eternal optimist Charlie Brown.

Books | Vineeth Abraham

KPS Menon: The Genie Who Revealed Untold Treasures

A pre-teener and the secrets in the private book collection of India’s first Foreign Secretary.

Books | Vineeth Abraham

Agatha Christie: The Queen of Crime

The many shades of the creator of Miss Marple and Hercule Poirot

Books | Vineeth Abraham

Shelf Life: The Lure of the Library (I)

Notes from a “complete, utter and unapologetic bibliophile”.

Books | Vineeth Abraham

Shelf Life: School Daze

Books that made your childhood.

Books | Vineeth Abraham

The Robin Hoods of Crime Fiction

What links Robin Hood to AJ Raffles, Simon Templar and Norman Conquest.

Books | Vineeth Abraham

Need a Good Laugh?

Humour comes in different styles. What's yours?

Books | Vineeth Abraham

The Lure of the Library (Part 2)

Cicero said, if you have a garden and a library, you have everything you need.

Books | Vineeth Abraham

Enid Blyton: The Wizard That Launched a Million Readers

Do you really outgrow the ‘unalloyed enjoyment’ of Blyton? Well, you never do.

Books | Vineeth Abraham

The Return of the Superheroes

The comic book culture has seen a revival in the past 20 years, thanks to digitisation.

Books | Vineeth Abraham

A Madrasi in New Delhi and Other Memories

In Shelf Life, Abraham writes about reading, books, and beyond.

Books | Vineeth Abraham
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