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Articles by Shriya S Nair

Sanul Kuttan : Integrating Diverse Techniques

Sculpture and architect Sanul Kuttan’s artwork displays organic aesthetics .

Art | Shriya S Nair

C S Jayaram: Lifecasting Artist and Teacher

C S Jayaram is a versatile figure in the art arena.

Art | Shriya S Nair

Bindhi Rajagopal: “Nature is My Main Inspiration.”

IAR speaks to Bindhi Rajagopal on her work and life.

Interviews | Shriya S Nair

Nine Rasa: An OTT Platform for Theater and Performing Arts

Shreyas Talpade launches world’s first OTT platform, Nine Rasa.

Theatre | Shriya S Nair

‘To desire is to suffer’- The Buddhist Concept that Inspired Artist Deedee Cheriel

Deedee Cheriel's works recognise the urgency and conflict in the society.

Art | Shriya S Nair

Indie Music- Striking The Right Chord

Indie music is now making new era in the Malayalam music industry.

Music | Shriya S Nair

“Being A Curator Means Finding The Right Thing”; Bose Krishnamachari

Internationally acclaimed artist and curator, Bose Krishnamachari is the founder member and president of Kochi Biennale Foundation

Art | Shriya S Nair

‘Manipuri Dance is a Form of Worship’

Interview of manipuri dancer and choreographer, Sinam Basu

Interviews | Shriya S Nair

To Swathi Thirunal, From Delhi With Love

Mohiniyattam and Bharatanatyam dances by titans graced the national capital, in memory of Swathi Thirunal.

Music | Shriya S Nair
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