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Film Censorship: The Big Picture for India

Archaic norms are throttling creativity in India.

Film | India Art Review

Pt Jasraj: A Jugalbandi of Lovely Mismatches

He was a curious conflux of thoughts and deeds.

Music | India Art Review

K-Pop: The Success, the Deaths and the Business

Modern K-Pop aka Korean Pop music is a bundle of contradictions, yet it's insanely popular. Why?

Music | India Art Review

Mithan Jamshed Lam: Championing India’s Suffragette Movement

Excerpts from Coomi Kapoor's insightful new book.

Books | India Art Review

Parivadini Navaratri Concert Series to Feature 9 Female Nadaswaram Artists

To feature nine female Nadaswaram artists.

Music | India Art Review

MR Bhattathiripad: The Uncompromising Fighter Against Social Evils

Uncompromising writer and a connoisseur of arts.

Theatre | India Art Review

A Kaleidoscopic Take on the Multifaceted SPB

Here's a look back of a singing legend SP Balasubrahmanyam

Music | India Art Review

Music Industry Beats Digital Era Blues with Streaming

Thanks to streaming and the innovative business models of services such as Spotify, the music industry is back on a song now.

Music | India Art Review

‘Sacred and Profane’ is India’s Own ‘Believe It Or Not’ Tales

A book that narrates India’s ‘unusual customs and strange rituals’.

Books | India Art Review

Corona, Onam and the Survival of Folk Art

Not to be cowed down by the epidemic, Kerala’s traditional performers are reinventing themselves to enliven the festival spirit

Feature | India Art Review

Music and Movements: An Essential Playlist

Here’s a quick take of sociopolitical movements and campaigns of music.

Music | India Art Review

Book Extract: Status of Women in the Vedic Era

From 'The Temple Road Towards a Great India'.

Books | India Art Review

Vintage Vignettes: VSN on Sathapuram Subbier

The veteran mridangist who initiated Palghat Mani Iyer to the art.

Music | India Art Review

Vintage Vignettes: V.S.N on Palghat Rama Bhagavather

A blend of rare and common ragas

Music | India Art Review

All You Wanted to Know about NFTs

What’s all the fuzz about non-fungible tokens?

Feature | India Art Review

Kerala Kalamandalam To Become a Cultural University in Next Five Years

New courses and facilities are coming in. Infra, faculty to get a boost

Heritage | India Art Review
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