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G S Paul

Editorial Advisor & Creative Director

GS Paul is an eminent art columnist and critic. He has been writing for national dailies such as The Hindu for more than three decades. He is Editorial Advisor, IAR.

Articles by G S Paul

The Drum That Speaks

Why percussion is still an efficient mode of communication in Africa.

Music | G S Paul

The Myriad Avatars of Abhinaya

G Venu’s latest book ‘Arangilum, Munnilum Pinnilum’ delves into the abhinaya guru’s artistic journey.

Books | G S Paul

Structural Components of Kathakali: An intellectual Delight for Connoisseurs

Sadanam K Harikumar’s book Structural components of Kathakali belongs to a class of its own.

Views | G S Paul

Kavalam Narayana Panicker: A Legend of His Times

Kavalam Narayana Panicker strode like a Colossus over the cultural arena of the country for around five decades.

Profiles | G S Paul

Avant-garde Danseuse Guru Dr Kanak Rele Turns 84

How the Kanak Rele school of Mohiniyattam emerged and evolved.

Profiles | G S Paul

A Blockbuster on Muthuswami Dikshitar

Dr V Raghavan’s book, on Muthuswami Dikshitar is about composer’s musical journey as well as life history.

Books | G S Paul

Kalamandalam Kavitha Krishnakumar: Dancer & Dedicated Teacher

Bags the Kerala Sangeetha Nataka Akademi Award for Mohiniyattam.

Dance | G S Paul

Kadavallur Anyonyam: Rigveda Academic Exercise in Kerala

Kadavallur Anyonyam and Covid

Heritage | G S Paul

Golden Jubilee of an Epoch-making Translation of Natya Shastra

On the path-breaking Malayalam translation of Natya Shastra.

Heritage | G S Paul

Kalamandalam Hyderali: An Ingenious Musician

With a sharp sense of sruti and a strong grip on rhythm, he mesmerized a generation of Kathakali connoisseurs.

Music | G S Paul

Kalamandalam Padmanabhan Nair: Master of the Method

Versatility was his hallmark.

Profiles | G S Paul

“Krishnayanam”– Kanjoorinte Kala Chinthakal: Aesthetics of Kerala art forms

A comprehensive exploration of Kanjur Krishnan Namboothiripad.

Books | G S Paul

Madampu Kunjukuttan: A Literary Celebrity with Inimitable Histrionic Talent

Numerous works like Aswathamaavu and Brushtu made him a celebrity in Malayalam literary world.

Profiles | G S Paul

Bhakti and Evolution of Music (Part II)

From the bhakti poets to classical music Trinity Indian music advanced through devotion.

Music | G S Paul

Kapila Vatsyayan and Her Contributions to Indian Art

A virtual dance event, Padma Vibhushan Dr Kapila Vatsyayan Indian Classical Dance Fest, organised by the Kerala government’s culture department.

Dance | G S Paul

Dasamam Koothu: A Rare Variant of Nangiarkoothu

Aparna Nangiar makes history with Dasamam Koothu, a rare variant of Nangiarkoothu.

Theatre | G S Paul
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