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CS Venkiteswaran

Consulting Editor (Film)

Critic, filmmaker and curator. Author of acclaimed works on cinema and social affairs. Writes in English and Malayalam.

Articles by CS Venkiteswaran

Ways of Seeing and Unseeing

Decoding KR Sunil’s photographic oeuvre — the John Berger way.

Art | CS Venkiteswaran

Divining the World

The intriguing, illuminating human stories from Biju Ibrahim.

Art | CS Venkiteswaran

Epiphany of the End

PK Umesh and his frighteningly enchanting extremes.

Art | CS Venkiteswaran

Nedumudi Venu (1948-2021): An Actor Malayalam Cinema Lost Twice

An actor Malayalam cinema lost twice.

Film | CS Venkiteswaran

Film Institutions in India: Vertical Merger or Horizontal Expansion?

How Modi government liquidates crucial film bodies.

Film | CS Venkiteswaran

Figuring the Monstrous Sleep of Reason

Artworks of Bhagyanath upset the very kernels of reason.

Art | CS Venkiteswaran

Wearing (off) the City

A textile designer and enigmatic portraits of urban life.

Art | CS Venkiteswaran

Figures of Speech

How artist Tom Vattakuzhy creates ‘soulful conversations’.

Art | CS Venkiteswaran

Memories of a Certain Past, Forebodings of Uncertain Futures

Photographs by Sudheesh Yezhuvath offer an eerily beautiful glimpse into the past.

Art | CS Venkiteswaran

The Unbearable Lightness of Being and Becoming

EH Pushkin's rebellious art.

Art | CS Venkiteswaran

Adieu, Velayudhan Nair, aka Crossbelt Mani

New-gen cinema fans must know this bold as brass filmmaker.

Obituary | CS Venkiteswaran
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