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India Art Review

India Art Review is a dedicated digital journal of art and culture, based in Chennai and with representatives in Kerala, Delhi, the UAE, Canada and the US. Our readership is spread across continents. IAR offers news and features on music, dance, painting, photography, architecture, films and more. We also produce content on the arts far and near the subcontinent, positioning India as a window to view them.

IAR explores the curious links that exist between a whole lot of the arts. While bringing music, dance, painting, sculpture, architecture, and theatre onto one platform, we don’t aim to entertain distinctions such as folk, traditional or classical. Neither will IAR allow conventional lines like traditional or modern to hamper the flow of narration.

IAR also produces exhibitions, art shows, music festivals, webinars, seminars, talent shows and corporate events promoting arts. We seek to make the best use of digital technology to tell our stories.

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India Art Review
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– Albert Einstein

Why this website

At IAR, we're trying to create a holistic environment for art communication in India and beyond. Focussed on the subcontinent, we spread our 'tentacles' far and wide, to West Asia, Europe and North and South America. We want to redefine the dynamics of arts journalism, but yes, one step at a time.

Story so far

IAR is conceived as a unique arts journalism project. It's the realization of a long-held dream of two journalists, who interestingly had to dabble in all other forms of journalism, from business to tech to political but art. Want to know their story? Click here.

Team IAR

CS Venkiteswaran

Consulting Editor (Film)

Priya M Nair

Strategy and Operations Consultant

Uday Balakrishnan

Editorial Advisor

Sachin Titus

Web Developer

Nikhil Kumar


Renu Ramanath

Consulting Editor (Theatre)

Rukshana Tabassum

Consultant (Film)

Giraj M Sharma


Jinoy Jose P

Founder & Chief Editor

Sanjitha Rao Chaini

Consulting Editor

G S Paul

Editorial Advisor & Creative Director

KTP Radhika

Founder & Editor